Arms of St.Wendel

Welcome to my website

Werner ‘Joe’ Jochem
Wendelsborn 34
D-66606 St.Wendel

born 1954 - on the air since 1977 - also N7VW

My amateur radio activity is almost entirely devoted to telegraphy and you can find my signal on the bands between 160m and 70 cm. I’m always glad to find operators willing to extend a QSO beyond the usual exchanges in order to meet new friends on the bands. Of course I will slow down my code to any convenient speed for the beginners.

Beside rag chewing I like contesting as well (no contradiction).

I am a member of several CW clubs like AGCW-DL, FISTS, FOC, HSC, VHSC, RTC, UFT and I am affiliated to these national amateur radio societies: DARC, ARRL, RSGB, REF.

Your paper QSL card is appreciated via the (German) bureau. My log will be uploaded to LotW regularly. No eQSL. Direct QSLs will be answered the same way.